Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Update

Posted by Hannah at 7:38 AM

It seems like a lifetime since I posted anything on my blog.  No, I haven't stopped just taking a break.


My mother had been sick for quite some time, and finally passed away on June 27th.  I guess I have been just processing the whole journey with her, and her very rough ending.  I know at this point she is with Jesus, and in peace finally in heaven.


Since then it seems like its one thing after another I have had to deal with, and my friends keep reminding me to allow myself the time to get back on track with my life.  I seemed to have bounced back after the death of my father, but for some reason her death just seemed to drain me of energy and focus.  I suppose that is just part of the mourning process.


I had received some notes of concern, and I just wanted to update everyone.  I will be back soon! 



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Mara Reid on 3:18 PM said...

Yes, take your time Hannah. You contribute a lot to the blogsphere. But contributing here takes second place to your health and well-being and that of your families.

Anonymous said...

Hi Im in England I dont know you I viewed this site bceause Im in a difficult relationship and also feel estranged from church my family helped start I now have terrible doubts about leaders and pastors with psycho traits but I have been through care of my mother misdiagnosed eventually with Cancer. At the time I was teroorised by so called Chritians who tried make me homelss. She was also a committed christian so enjoying time in heaven- I wish you well, it may tke more than 2 years feel stronger as shock grief becomes bit more manageable from then with prayer and support.x

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