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Creflo Dollar Denial in Church Transcript

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Pastor Creflo Dollar Denies Abuse allegations


Stand Ovation and applauds as he comes to the pulpit.


(I love you – among other things he says along with Amen during this time)


Thank you…





Praise the Lord…ahh


Love you to ….


I want to I want to first of all thank everyone all for the prayers for our family.


As everyone knows raising children in our  ‘culture’ …listen… Raising our children in the culture of disrespect is a challenge, and the responsibility for of all of us as adults. As a church family I wanted you to hear personally from me that ALL is well within the Dollar household.  (applauds)

Like all of us who are parents there are times in when disciplining and training our kids can become pretty intense.

Now I have been confessing for years what the bible says about teaching and training your children. and As especially MINE, and I believe that there is a powerful destiny, and an awesome divine assignment on the inside of each one of our children. I know that all five of them are going to do great exploits in the kingdom of God. Yep. (applauds)

As a father raising 5 children its going to bring a few challenges along the way. The truth is a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional. And emotions got involved and things escalated from there.

The Truth is she was not choked. She was not not punched. There were not any scratches on her neck. But the only thing on her neck as a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is an exaggeration and sensationalism. (applauds)

I mean I can’t even imagine if I punched my kid (punches his own hand) it would hurt her. If I choked my kid you would see visible signs on her neck. But to come and take a picture of a mark that has been there for 10 years, and not have enough intelligence to at least ask the parents what it is …is appalling.

Again I would never approach one of my children to intentionally inflict bodily harm. I love my children enough to establish proper boundaries and help them make right choices. (applauds)

Taffi and I have the grace to be loving, responsible parents who teach our children the right things, and correct them when they when they choose incorrectly. We remained committed to raising our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Amen’s and applauds)

I will never put any fault on my children. As Jesus would never put any fault on me. I LOVE her with all of MY heart! Amen? (applauds)

There are two things that are for certain in the life of a Christian parent.

Number one is that WE WIN! (giggles and applauds)

Number Two is that test will come that will try to shake your faith.

And I want to say this very emphatically – I should have NEVER been arrested!



and when the facts of this come out you will be appalled! Thank you so much for your love…and your prayers.

But your got to understand something! Its not as much against ME as it is against this message of grace. (applauds)

The devil knows that in order to DIScredit the MESSAGE you must first of all discredit the messenger! (applauds)

I’m a human being, and you know I had to do a lot of praying – and my family has been very supportive! Because when I feel any injustices have been done I get angry! And yet I respect the law!

So when I begin to pray the Lord said I want to deal with you and he took me to when Paul was going to God. And Paul was beginning to beseech God that 3 times ..and he would take…that this thing on him 3 times … that he would let it depart from him. And God says No. My GRACE is sufficient. (applauds)

In other words, God says don’t ask me to take the trouble away – ask for the grace that will give you strength when your weak. And I repented and I said GOD I see what your doing! God is not going to take the trouble away from you, but he will give you grace to strengthen you. So at the end of the day he will get the glory our of what you are going through. (applauds)

God didn’t stop the 3 Hebrew boys from going through the fiery furnish! (applauds) But he put grace on them so when they went through the fiery furnish they would be able to come out. (applauds)

God didn’t stop Daniel from being put in the Lion’s den! but he put grace on him, so in the midst of the lion’s den so in the next morning so you will see the Glory of God that came from the grace of God.

I want to close and I want nothing else to say about this. I want to close in the book of Psalms. Chapter 35. and it will describe to you what has gone on.


Verse 11 Psalms 35…


11 Malicious witnesses testify against me.
They accuse me of crimes I know nothing about.
12 They repay me evil for good.
I am sick with despair.
13 Yet when they were ill, I grieved for them.
I denied myself by fasting for them,
but my prayers returned unanswered.
14 I was sad, as though they were my friends or family,
as if I were grieving for my own mother.
15 But they are glad now that I am in trouble;
they gleefully join together against me.
I am attacked by people I don’t even know;
they slander me constantly.
16 They mock me and call me names;
they snarl at me.

17 How long, O Lord, will you look on and do nothing?
Rescue me from their fierce attacks.
Protect my life from these lions!
18 Then I will thank you in front of the great assembly.
I will praise you before all the people.
19 Don’t let my treacherous enemies rejoice over my defeat.
Don’t let those who hate me without cause gloat over my sorrow.
20 They don’t talk of peace;
they plot against innocent people who mind their own business.
21 They shout, “Aha! Aha!
With our own eyes we saw him do it!”

22 O Lord, you know all about this.
Do not stay silent.
Do not abandon me now, O Lord.
23 Wake up! Rise to my defense!
Take up my case, my God and my Lord.
24 Declare me not guilty, O Lord my God, for you give justice.
Don’t let my enemies laugh about me in my troubles.
25 Don’t let them say, “Look, we got what we wanted!
Now we will eat him alive!”

26 May those who rejoice at my troubles
be humiliated and disgraced.
May those who triumph over me
be covered with shame and dishonor.
27 But give great joy to those who came to my defense.
Let them continually say, “Great is the Lord,
who delights in blessing his servant with peace!”
28 Then I will proclaim your justice,
and I will praise you all day long.


(Psalms 36)

10 Pour out your unfailing love on those who love you;
give justice to those with honest hearts.
11 Don’t let the proud trample me
or the wicked push me around.
12 Look! Those who do evil have fallen!
They are thrown down, never to rise again



Now that is all I got to say that – lets get to the message that the enemy is trying to stop. (applauds)


If you have your bibles then go with me to the book of Isaiah chapter 54. 


We have been talking about the righteous of God.  Isaiah Chapter 54.


and I tell you this message – ah – this message was written two or three weeks ago so please I was just following through with what we were preaching on.  Amen? 


Father Thank you for this Love opportunity to minister to those your precious sheep.    Thank you Lord that Revelation Knowledge will flow freely.  Uninterrupted and uninhibited by this satanic demonic force.   Father I pray that you will speak through my vocal cords and think through my mind. NONE of me but ALL of you! Its in Jesus name we pray …and everyone said… Amen!

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