Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Hannah at 10:22 AM

I had to include this video for Mother's Day!

Have a Blessed one!  Hannah

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JaneDoeThreads on 12:08 PM said...

Hi Hannah,

I have been working on a Mother's Day Series, on the Devaluing of Mothers and Why It Hurts All Women, addressing the Misogyny and Betrayals to Mothers in Religious Patriarchy and the Misogyny and Betrayals to Mothers/Women in the Secularist Patriarchy.

They are media series, with videos, some are long, but the series is in three parts, first on demonizing mothers and homeless teens in America, second on demonizing/or patriarchal control of women--using Motherhood as means to enslave women and It's root cause of death to both women and children, and the secular anti-mother policies and their root cause of death to both women and children,

and tomorrow I'll be doing a part three series on the demonization of motherhood and it's parallel with destruction of Mother Earth.

I hope, that this series, will open up dialogue on the many facets of misogyny and devaluing mothers /womb hate in Both patriarchal-capitalist religion AND in secularist atheist pro-pedophile ideologies taking hegemony today.



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