Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wife Shot During Church Counseling Session

Posted by Hannah at 7:17 PM

According to SeattlePI:

The man, 41, shot his wife during a counseling session about 5:45 p.m.

The counselor told a detective "that he had been conducting a couples counseling session when the suspect … stood up and began to leave the room. He then turned and pointed a handgun at the victim. … As (she) began to scream (her husband) continued to point the gun at her and told (the counselor) not to move and pointed the gun at him as well."

The woman was hit at least three times her torso.

The husband called 911 and told a dispatcher that he had shot his wife and that he had placed the gun on the hood of his truck, according to a probable cause statement. He then told the dispatcher her was lying on the ground. is saying:

PACIFIC, Wash. - Howard Hales holds back tears as he talks about his youngest sister Carol.
"She was working hard to be the best possible mother to her three children. She was a great mother," said Hales.

Wednesday evening, Carol Hales and her estranged husband Charles (Chuck) Parsons of Lakewood were attending a counseling session at Lutheran Counseling Network at Calvery Lutheran Church on South 320th in Federal Way. Police say sometime during that counseling session, Charles shot Carol before calling police. She died a short time later.

"Truly, honestly, in my heart I'm sure Chuck is sitting there in jail right now and he has a lot of deep regrets over what he's done to my sister, to his children," said Hales. "I know that somewhere in there this is not what is in his heart."

Carol's mother tells King5 her daughter had been separated from her husband for a year and a half. They'd been married 12 years and have three children - ages 11, 9 and 5.

Carol, according to her brother, had been going to counseling for 8 months, and in the last few months Charles had been attending. The victim's brother says there were no signs of abuse or indication that Charles would do something like this.

"You can always look back," said Hales. "But we never saw this coming."

Parsons' bail was set at $5 million on first-degree murder charges.
 People were showing up to church to go a community supper they had scheduled at Calvary Lutheran when they police were there.  There was also Church Daycare taking place during the shooting.  It seems no one else was harmed.

I will be praying for this woman's family that was shot during a marriage counseling session at church, and all those that were involved.   You have to wonder how many signs of domestic violence they truly missed.  People are speculating now if they were discussing divorce, and he just snapped.  I have to wonder how much this will also impact the counselor involved.  I think my heart breaks mostly for those children.  They just lost two parents today.

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JaneDoeThreads on 12:22 AM said...

well, that's it isn't it, I mean, now it's become SO SAFE, IN THE CHURCH FOR MEN TO ABUSE, RAPE, CHILD RAPE, ALL IN THE ENTITLEMENT OF 'MALE PRIVILEGE' that Hell,

now ya can just shoot your wife in front of the counselor, pastor, congregation...

What's next Church of America?

Ticket sales to the next shooting of woman? What about rape, how about, gladiator, sports for men who want to show their brute 'authority',

they could even have a section for abusing children, Oh, wait, they Do, they have classes don't they? How to beat ya baby in five steps till they can't Breathe...

Ok well, now I really Don't feel guilty, about ever, attending Church AGAIN---which is kind of pathetic really, because I SHOULD feel guilty, you know, but I don't,

I could attend a cock fight--and feel Right at home, with the uh, Brethren.

Good Grief, if this ain't Baal Worship in America, I don't know what it is.


Lyndie on 7:37 AM said...

"You have to wonder how many signs of domestic violence they truly missed."

I have to wonder how much the church is covering up in regards to what was really going on in this marriage. Unfortunately we will probably never know since the woman is dead and because of privacy acts.

"Truly, honestly, in my heart I'm sure Chuck is sitting there in jail right now and he has a lot of deep regrets over what he's done to my sister, to his children," said Hales. "I know that somewhere in there this is not what is in his heart."

Ok, to me this had premeditated all over it, He brought a gun to the counseling session for pete's sake!!! Was he planning on going hunting on the way home???

Hannah on 9:04 AM said...

I agree with premeditated Lyndie. How can he say it wasn't!

Jane - it should be interesting if to see what the church says after the fact. If it will be the normal, 'we will pray for them' or something else.

Barbara on 1:03 AM said...

Chuck isn't feeling any remorse. He did what he went there to do. He's satisfied. Problem solved.

Gayle Crabtree on 10:51 AM said...

This is a horrendous shame. I wonder if the church pastor ever realized that domestic violence was a factor. Yes, the mother died at the hands of dad. If that weren't tragic enough the children are now essentially parentless. Again, no one wins when domestic violence are involved.

Jocelyn Andersen on 8:34 PM said...

Terrible abuse can be taking place with extended family and friend being clueless. Who is telling? The abuser surely isn't, and often the victim is silent as well.

believer333 on 1:12 PM said...

And then when the wife finally talks, people hesitate to believe her. We need to start listening.

Anonymous said...

Usually churches are terrible when dealing with abuse. Churches usually tell the wives to be quiet, deny and minimize it and not listen. I read an article about Christians and Abuse, a pastor tell a wife after praying for her, "Try to be more submissive, after all he's your husband." He then tells her that if she follows God's calling and becomes the good wife, her husband will change. Later, the husband hits the wife and she's in the hospital. The church community is then shocked.

Church people are IDIOTS when it comes to handling abuse. I'm angry at the fact that Christians are very naive, ignorant and do not know how to handle real issues.

I noticed that emotional abuse is always minimized or not counted as abuse.

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