Friday, July 17, 2009

Abuse in the Spiritual Realm

Posted by Hannah at 2:06 PM

Once in a while you come across a very moving video regarding dealing with domestic violence within the church.

Spiritual Help for the Abused is a very pretty and moving video.

I wanted to share this. Speaking about this domestic violence within the home is the first step toward healing. There are alot of places of worship that encourage the silence, but that is not what the Bible states is to happen. The truth is to be brought into the light, because that is what God's word says.

Truth is what brings healing, and not silence as a tool for the sacrifice for others not wishing to face it.

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Amy on 11:05 PM said...

Absolutely beautiful video. I sat and cried this morning while watching it. It puts into words what I just can't seem to when trying to explain to those around me that just don't understand my situation.
I wish I could do something to help educate those people at my church that just don't get psychological abuse and who in their own well-meaning way are trying to counsel my abusive h, who in turn takes what they say and uses it against me and our boys. So sad.

Hannah on 3:59 PM said...

You can only get those that have made a decision to listen - to grasp it more it seems to me.

I get tired of attempting to explain myself, and I decided I will only 'exhaust' myself from those that have an open ear and heart. They only need to open it a bit, and if I give them a slight bit of understanding...and they want it...they will learn to open their minds more. I'm more than open if they can do that, but the days of banging my head against the wall? lol those are done! I will pray for them, and allow God to take the wheel from there.

I know what you are speaking of very well.

Waneta Dawn on 11:27 AM said...

Hannah, this movie is so moving! It has been 15 years since I left my abuser (although he still used custody to continue the abuse) and this movie ministered to me.

It's weird. I already know the truth, and blog about it on my Submission Tyranny blog, yet to have someone else spell it out--and so beautifully--touched my heart.



Hannah on 9:11 AM said...

Waneta - I know the feeling. I cry every time I watch it.

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