Sunday, April 19, 2009

Online Abuse Support Boards

Posted by Hannah at 9:41 AM

I mentioned a new Online Abuse Support board a couple of months ago, and they have now started a home page and permanent address. Our Place has a new address, and I would encourage those readers that could use some real time support to go and check it out.

They recently put a page up that speaks about some of the adminstrators, under the Who Are We? page, and also have a quick link to the forum.

I personally have found alot of the contributors very helpful to me, along with so many others. They do have a faith section as well.

If you feel that you could use some support, and you are not clear where to turn I would encourage you to come to Our Place. There are also other places of support that I have listed in the past, and have tried to post them in the link section of my blog. This has a been a good place for support of abused women, support of abused husbands, and YES there has been children there was well! They have had people from all walks of life come there, and many discussions about abuse and your faith.

If you feel isolated and alone please find a way to reaching out to find some sort of support. This is online abuse support board, but its just one step to helping find healing in your life! If write about domestic violence, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse I would personally appreciate you taking a look at this board, and then spreading some link love to get the word out!


Deborah's Song at one time was named, "Jesus Heals Abuse".  Pastor Jacky Hughes runs the board, and she also has very helpful staff to help.

Focus Ministries also has an online forum for support.  I do believe you will have to email first in order to gain entry.  Its a security measure.

Hide Out - Site For Children
Hide Out is a site for the support of children.

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Just Be Real on 12:36 PM said...

Hannah, thank you for posting the link. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

my name is hannah too.i was just looking up my name and i saw this and this made me feel sad when i saw the link.

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