Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Juanita Bynum: Prophet or just seeking to profit?

Posted by Hannah at 8:31 PM

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I was shocked to read this story coming from a pastor - a man of God! Oh my GOODNESS!

I'm not saying he doesn't make any points at all, but his generalizing and stereotyping is AWFUL! According to the Pastor women are naturally angry and domineering until they are 'truly saved'.

My 17 years of counseling with couples and families have shown that when emotional abuse is also taken into account, most often the perpetrators are women.

The dominating and angry spirit that is within many women (until they are truly saved) drives them to destroy their marriages and corrupt children. This is a hard reality that society must acknowledge and deal with straight-up.

Ever since the original corruption of the first woman in the Garden of Eden by the serpent – and man's failure to resist or correct her – that same malevolent spirit has been destroying the relationship between men and women. (And to this day, men continue to perpetuate women's contempt for them by being weak, selfish and angry.)

WOW talk about just a little jaded in his prospective of women overall! I'm NOT going to say there are not some down right evil women on this earth! I would NEVER say that women don't hit or even KILL men! If some strange feminist want to claims that - more power to them! I mean they will have a bunch of people (notice no gender there) giggling at their ignorance!

On the other hand, women by nature overall are NOT weak, selfish and angry primarily! As far as agression goes I would assume we are to NOT look into those studies about testosterone or anything right? We should ignore the silly teachings of society when they encourage men NOT to cry because they won't be 'real' men and stuff their real feelings down?!

Lets just take a look at the a bunch of young adults like those in High School. Who are the ones primary doing the phyiscal damage in their fun, and which have the vicious cat fights, etc. SURE there are exceptions to the rules, and I'm sure with some groups of high schooler's there are just the opposite...girls that damage and boys that are in the cat fights! There are always exceptions to the rule...I mean we are humans here!

Christians need to search their hearts about what it really means to be "born again." Only then will they be able to reject false preachers and resist the forces that seek to destroy God's order, and the bond between man and woman.

I personally feel this pastor needs to do the same thing. He has a jaded and false view of women overall, so how can he be teaching them properly?

MOST of the article has to do with the fact Juanita is going to get 'innocent' plead, and make loads of money off of shaming her husband. Hints of you don't know what she did to deserve this, and how they couldn't be truly 'saved' in his eyes.

I personally don't know enough about either of them to speak of their ministries in depth, but to say neither of them are saved is NOT his call! Go on about how men get hit also, etc has NOTHING to do with the story at hand. Do I agree with everything she has done? NOPE! I don't agree with all she has done! Do I think she was hurt? Yes I do! They had an employee that saw this, and yet people over hint at the fact...maybe he didn't. ORRRRRRRR what did she do to MAKE him hit! I mean as if we can find a reason GOOD enough to beat your wife! Do I think men get the short end of the stick when this story is reversed? OH YES I do! Very strongly in fact! Do I listen to or AGREE with radical nutcases on either side - men or women - when it comes to this issue that CLAIM they are speaking for their gender? LOL NEVER! I mean we have some CRAZIES on both sides!

What this Pastor and those radicals DON'T understand is MOST people can see past their jaded and slanted views...and see another picture very clearly!

Bishop Weeks hit her plain and simple! The man needs help! Juanita? She also needs help but of a different kind. The fact she had a successful ministry and was called Prophet doesn't take a real man's 'manhood' away enough to justify beating your wife! I do think they both need to step away from ministry, and get their life's back on track! The media buzz towards either side at this have to wonder how good it will do either. She isn't healed enough to be the leader in the domestic abuse stand, and he won't be either in the 'I have changed' arena anytime soon either! That takes time and doesnt' happen over night. WOmen don't just instantly STOP the mindset that got them into abusive relationships, and men don't stop abusing over night either! You want to swap the roles within the last GO for it! Opinion wouldn't change if reversed either!

Boys and Girls that used to destroy property in their youths, and used to cat fight with others normally grow up and grasp control! MOST of them do! These statements from Pastor Jesse Lee Petersen about how all or most women are rebels, angry, nasty people until some God Fearing man turns them JUNK! Wake up Pastor! There is no scripture to back you up on that gender evilness overall stuff! That is your own jaded mindset, and personally you need to be looking at yourself! GOD HELP the people you counsel! OUCH!

This whole story is sad, and its turning into a circus. YOu have to wonder if anything of substance will come from it. BLECK!

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