Saturday, June 02, 2007

They feel their abuse is justified

Posted by Hannah at 3:06 PM

and this video shows clearly the mindset.

I saw this on youtube, and its very disturbing. The man in question, and his friend seem to feel this is justified. There is name calling and cursing, and could trigger some as a warning.

She left and he destroys a wall. I'm sure he feels that is her fault also.

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Anonymous said...

I got chills when I saw and heard this blog!! As I sat at my PC looking for spiritual solutions or solutions of any kind that might lend some sort of peace of mind, helpful hints or suggestions, or salvation to the emotional scars and embedded abusive comments that I have received from my husband over the past 7 years, I cried out in my spirit "O no, it's happening again." I have been called: a fat bitch, told to kiss his ass; suck my ass-hole you fat bitch, fuck you, walked out on so many times I have lost count, left at home sick without a car for entire weekends, had my car stolen by him and the police involved during a 3 year separation, habitually lied to, and so much more, it's hard for me to talk about it. I have a purpose and goals in life. I am not defined by a man and it is not the will of God that my spirit- man strives or is vexed by the evil works of the enemy. Now my husband is trying to buy my trust, loyalty and respect, but Jesus has already purchased me. "I'm not for sale!" Here is the kicker, I am a pastor and mother of a 15 year old intelligent young boy. I have 3 advanced degrees in education and Theology. This is Agape Love only, and I can do that from a distance. I have forgiven him and hold no bitterness. That's all God requires. So, My answer is unequivically NO! Dr. P

Hannah on 10:46 AM said...

Thank you for commenting.

It is chilling when you see things like this, and for some reason alot of people seem to think this really doesn't happen. They tend to enable the person also with some of their advice: Look to your own behavior to see what you are doing to trigger this! I always am shocked by that, and I'm not saying that self examination is a bad thing - ITS NOT! Its the extremes that people tend to to go to avoid having to deal with it.

It sounds like you are in a good place, and isn't that just awesome! Thank you JESUS!

RazorsEdge2112 on 7:34 PM said...

This individual is an embarrasment to all men everywhere. Bits of it seemed contrived, BUT even it it were, this is behaviour is above and beyond acceptable in my book.

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