Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Albert Mohler Site

Posted by Hannah at 5:22 PM


I was drawn to this site, because they were going to discuss the Church Of England's paper on Guidelines to Domestic Abuse. I'm not saying I agree with EVERYTHING it says okay? What I do get bothered by is when they can't dicuss the meat and potatoes of WHY the paper was written, and the purpose behind it! I have read so many articles claiming they are asking people to take the "HE" out of God - and then turn it into some feminst RANT.......its frustrating to say the least!

The most he truly got into was a couple of paragraphs out of the WHOLE 60+ pages of the report that he didn't understand, and felt was OUT THERE! TWO paragraphs? Those two paragraphs were not even CLOSE to what the purpose was of the paper to begin with! Okay - he doesn't understand them....I'm fine with that! LOL What about the rest of it??

If you want to get thru some of the stuff that doesn't apply to anything fast forward to about 11 minutes into the program! He first starts off telling people others have wanted to undetermine the use of the word "FATHER" or "HE" or any other MALE word, and then references how we are taught to pray in the bible "Our Father Who Art In Heaven" etc. He goes on this RANT about this - which hasn't got anything to do with the meat of the paper itself! LOL! I'm not for NON gender words in the bible okay? It truly doesn't bother me if the word "HE" is referenced towards GOD! God to me isn't a gender, but it sure doesn't place me UP IN ARMS over using the term! Once again that also has nothing to do with the purpose of the paper itself!

Then he goes on about the "cultural" times around the time in which the bible was written, and how people tend to say we need to "rewrite" things because because the time in history - it no longer applies! How he is against that! I dont' have a problem with that either! LOL and he STILL didn't get into the purpose behind the paper!

Why bother having a show about this paper if you aren't going to talk about it? I'm glad he said that Domestic abuse was sin, but YESH what are people SOOOO afraid of? READ the paper for goodness sakes! LOL If you don't understand the concepts - figure it out and THEN do your show on it!

The paper wasn't written for the purpose of taking the "HE" out of God! The paper wasn't written for the purpose of removing the "gender" away from GOD! The purpose of the paper wasn't to RE WRITE IT due to cultural changes! LOL The purpose was DV guidelines within the church! HE says he doesn't understand WHY people are actually taking this paper serious! WHY???? Mr. Mohler maybe they actually READ IT! WOW what a concept! LOLOLOL!

Most of you won't need to read the whole thing - it does have a table of content!


I read the Harmful theology section, and went on from there today! Funny how I never truly got the impression the first time I read it (the whole thing) NOR the bits and peices I read again today how they want to take the HE out of God so Domestic abuse doesn't happen!

BLECK! MEDIA PERSONALITIES.........DO you homework that means READ the paper! Actually acknowledge the parts you DO understand the POINTS you can agree with! Why? Where you get to the part about WHY it was written in the first place! That is the purpose of reporting on it isn't it?

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