Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tattle to Jesus!

Posted by Hannah at 8:47 PM

I heard something that made me giggle today. It sounded like something a child would say, except talking to a different person maybe. Its funny how we get so childish when angry at times. Goodness knows I have sat and sulked, pouted, and was a real bear to be around at times. Once I calm down I tend to just roll my eyes at myself, and remind myself I shouldn’t get so upset! It’s normally then that I can calmly think about what happened, and resolve things to the best of my ability.

Some things I have some control over, and handle fairly quickly. There are some things in some aspects may never be resolved. Its mostly times like those that I want justice! I want to be heard, and I need to be released from my anger. I heard this sentence today, and it made me giggle because it is so true!

"Tell on him for hurting your feelings to the supreme Daddy, our Father GOD!"

Sounds kind of childish doesn’t it? It reminds me of the times one of the children comes screaming up to me over some injustice as been done to them, and they want ME to fix it! Even if you have never had children I’m sure you have heard some shrieking child come running to one of their parents for that solution to their crisis! Johnny hit me! Sally pulled my hair! Kenny called me names! Karen is being mean! The saying still makes me giggle, but we all need someone to tattle to don’t we? There have been times I have had the strangest of conversations with him! Frustrated over not finding my keys to the car, misplaced coat or wallet!

People tell others to take their troubles and lay it on the foot of the cross. Some don’t understand that saying. I think I will use my new one in the future. It basically says the same thing! Don’t let your heart not be burdened, ...go on & pour it all out to God. Believe in Him. Let God hear all about your situation, dear. Silently or out loud, take each hurt to Him. He is able to turn even the most painful situations for his own good. He comforts us in ways unimaginable, too. We aren't able to change a single thing about others, no matter how desperately we want to do so. All we CAN do is take it all to God. ‘Tell on him for hurting your feelings to the supreme Daddy, Our Father GOD!” In my experience, often, that is enough. God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

thank- u for site...My mother verbally abuses me. i am 24... so i really needed to hear this.

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