Friday, May 30, 2008

Domestic Violence and the Church

Posted by Hannah at 11:29 AM

Exeter CRC had an article called, "Domestic Violence and the Church"

It spoke of her own personal journey dealing with this issue, and how the church failed her!

Its VERY moving!

Annette - one of the responses to this article states:

But this has NO bearing on this discussion. Is having women in spiritual leadership over a body of believers biblical? That's what this discussion is about. Not on the horrors of domestic or child abuse, and the bad responses to it.

I recognize that it is easy to link the two, but they are different, and seeing that difference is important.

I say it DOES!

LOL I of course responded!

I'm personally confused by Annette's comments.

'''But this has NO bearing on this discussion. Is having women in spiritual leadership over a body of believers biblical? That's what this discussion is about. Not on the horrors of domestic or child abuse, and the bad responses to it.'''

If you are saying that men only have the spiritual leadership role what is being done about the bad responses to things like mentioned in this article? Seems to me the 'authority' needs some education. Biblically, men are to be servant leaders. That doesn't mean they are boss, and get the last word, etc. They are to be loving serving servants, and they are to place everyone else first. THEY are to come last! ie: Washing feet story among others.

Sadly, this type of story is not uncommon. I guess people would stop questioning the 'authories' if they were doing the job that was biblically given to them. To often when they are questioned others remind the other gender of their 'role'. That is far from being humble - which is another biblical trait of a leader. The only unquestionable authority is God, and its pride when others mention 'roles' (among other things) to encourage others to silence.

Biblical leadership does that have the same meaning as it does in the secular soceity. Jesus states that those that come first must come last. They are to serve all others before themselves.

I think what is lacking is education on how that 'authority' is being played out. Don't close the bible - reread those scriptures! People may be questioning things because the roles they claim they are living are to full of pride of their 'role' and not of servanthood.

When that changes - that will be the day others stop questioning. Stories like this one of domestic violence would be handled properly. Submission to husbands would come naturally as God intended, because they are loving others as Christ loved the church.

Until that happens YES stories like this do apply! It shows that biblical leadership is NOT be given, and you wouldn't be able to see that if others didn't speak out about what it is lacking.

Why are we NOT asking where the bottleneck was within that leadership realm that caused the failure of what could have been healing of all parties involved? Leadership is responsible when they know of such things, and when they refuse to educate themselves on realms of sin such as this. Leadership did know in this case, and Leadership did fail. Calling the elder over for dinner wouldn't have changed a thing.

I believe when leadership is seen as Jesus intended it to be seen - question of leadership would stop. Authority wouldn't be such a hot topic. It happens when leaders in authority fail in their calling.

What does your bible say about that? I know what my bible says! If proper biblical leadership was happening your attempt to show this story has no bearing - which is used as a diversion - wouldn't be needed. Most of these types of stories wouldn't be happening, and sadly that isn't the case!

Its an interesting debate!

What are your thoughts?

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K on 10:57 AM said...

Thanks for the information on domestic violence.

We recently wrote an article on domestic violence at Brain Blogger. It's extremly common to hear about violence against women and about male batterers rather than about violence against men and about female batterers. But have you heard about it happening the other way around?

We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


Hannah on 1:23 PM said...

I will more than happy to read the article you posted.

I wanted to ask first if you read around my site at all first?! LOL I have a statement at the top mentioning that DV is not gender based, and if you look at the links I supply here I do supply ones for men. I have also written about men in the past.

I was bit taken back by your question, because I have always made in quite clear on my stand towards men. DV is not a gender based issue - its a human one.

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