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Marriage Annulment Grounds in the Catholic Church

Posted by Hannah at 7:53 AM

I found the below recently, and thought it might be helpful to others.

Marriage Annulment Grounds:
There are very well defined canonical grounds for Marriage Annulment . Once these have been established marriage Annulment can proceed. It is important to understand the grounds for Marriage Annulment before making application, and if in doubt you should consult your local priest.

Insufficient use of reason (Canon 1095, 10)
You or your spouse did not know what was happening during the marriage ceremony because of insanity, mental illness, or a lack of consciousness.

Grave lack of discretionary judgment concerning essential matrimonial rights and duties (Canon 1095, 20)
You or your spouse was affected by some serious circumstances or factors that made you unable to judge or evaluate either the decision to marry or the ability to create a true marital relationship.

Psychic-natured incapacity to assume marital obligations (Canon 1095, 30)
You or your spouse, at the time of consent, was unable to fulfill the obligations of marriage because of a serious psychological disorder or other condition.

Ignorance about the nature of marriage (Canon 1096, sec. 1)
You or your spouse did not know that marriage is a permanent relationship between a man and a woman ordered toward the procreation of offspring by means of some sexual cooperation.

Error of person (Canon 1097, sec. 1) Reasons for Marriage Annulment
You or your spouse intended to marry a specific individual who was not the individual with whom marriage was celebrated. (For example, mail order brides; otherwise, this rarely occurs in the United States.)

Error about a quality of a person (Canon 1097, sec. 2)
You or your spouse intended to marry someone who either possessed or did not possess a certain quality, e.g., social status, marital status, education, religious conviction, freedom from disease, or arrest record. That quality must have been directly and principally intended.

Fraud (Canon 1098) Reasons for Marriage Annulment
You or your spouse was intentionally deceived about the presence or absence of a quality in the other. The reason for this deception was to obtain consent to marriage.

Total willful exclusion of marriage (Canon 1101, sec. 2)
You or your spouse did not intend to contract marriage as the law of the Catholic Church understands marriage. Rather, the ceremony was observed solely as a means of obtaining something other than marriage itself, e.g., to obtain legal status in the country or to legitimize a child.

Willful exclusion of children (Canon 1101, sec. 2)
You or your spouse married intending, either explicitly or implicitly, to deny the other's right to sexual acts open to procreation.

Willful exclusion of marital fidelity (Canon 1101, 12)
You or your spouse married intending, either explicitly or implicitly, not to remain faithful.

Willful exclusion of marital permanence (Canon 1101, sec. 2)
You or your spouse married intending, either explicitly or implicitly, not to create a permanent relationship, retaining an option to divorce.

Future condition (Canon 1102, sec. 2)
You or your spouse attached a future condition to your decision to marry, e.g., you will complete your education, your income will be at a certain level, you will remain in this area.

Past condition (Canon 1102, sec. 2)R
You or your spouse attached a past condition so your decision to marry and that condition did not exist; e.g., I will marry you provided that you have never been married before, I will marry you provided that you have graduated from college.

Present condition (Canon 1102, sec. 2)
You or your spouse attached a present condition to your decision to marry and that condition did not exist, e.g., I will marry you provided you don't have any debt.

Force (Canon 1103)
You or your spouse married because of an external physical or moral force that you could not resist.

Fear (1103)
You or your spouse chose to marry because of fear that was grave and inescapable and was caused by an outside source.

Error regarding marital unity that determined the will (1099)
You or your spouse married believing that marriage was not necessarily an exclusive relationship.

Error regarding marital indissolubility that determined the will (Canon 1099)
You or your spouse married believing that civil law had the power to dissolve marriage and that remarriage was acceptable after civil divorce.

Error regarding marital sacramental dignity that determined the will (Canon 1099)
You and your spouse married believing that marriage is not a religious or sacred relationship but merely a civil contract or arrangement.

Lack of new consent during convalidation (Canons 1157,1160)
After your civil marriage, you and your spouse participated in a Catholic ceremony and you or your spouse believed that (1) you were already married, (2) the Catholic ceremony was merely a blessing, and (3) the consent given during. the Catholic ceremony had no real effect.

Marriage Annulment in the Catholic Church
Marriage Annulment:
Every person, whether a Catholic or not, has the right to ask the Catholic Church to investigate the status of his or her marriage. Should the Church decide that such a marriage were null, this would be quite distinct from a civil divorce; it would be a declaration by the Catholic Church that a particular union was not a valid marriage.

Marriage Annulment:
There are many marital situations in which the tribunal can offer help. It may be that a couple entered a marriage with an impediment, such as a previous bond of marriage; or that their consent was invalid, because they lacked the necessary capacity, knowledge or will to consent to marriage; or that there was something wrong with the form of marriage used.

Marriage Annulment:
It may be that a Catholic person is divorced or that a Catholic wishes to marry someone who is divorced. The tribunal is always available to investigate a claim of nullity in an instance such as this. In doing so, the judges of the tribunal do not apportion blame to one party or the other; they are only concerned with making a just judgement about whether or not the marriage was null, this does not have any effect on the legitimacy of any children born of the union.

Marriage Annulment:
Once the tribunal has reached a decision of nullity, and if this is agreed by our appeal tribunal, the marriage is declared null and both parties to it are then free to marry. This is not Catholic divorce; it is marriage annulment, and it is one of the Catholic Church’s pastoral responses to those who find themselves in difficult marital situations.

Marriage Annulment:
Catholics are bound to marry according to the Catholic form of marriage, unless they are dispensed. So if a Catholic has married in a non-Catholic Church, or in a register office, without this dispensation being given, the marriage is invalid. Both parties to such a union can be declared free to marry, enabling each of them to enter a new marriage.

Marriage Annulment:
First of all, speak to one of the priests or deacon in your parish, or perhaps to another priest or deacon known to you. He should be able to give you a preliminary enquiry form, in which you are asked to set out the principal facts concerning your marriage. It is the usual practice of the tribunal to require a couple to have obtained a divorce absolute decree before the annulment process begins.

Additional Resources Dealing with Domestic Violence within the Catholic Church

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Lilder on 11:55 AM said...

Thank you! As a devout and faithful catholic that is currently separated and may be divorced soon, this information was very, very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I've been separated and civilly divorce for six years from January 2003. This general question is for the public to ponder on: "If the woman fails to produce a birth or baptismal certificate as a primary requirement for a Catholic Wedding Ceremony, albeit the Church still commenced with the ceremony, should this be grounds for an invalid marriage? I have currently presented my case with the tribunal and can this rationale be considered as primary grounds for annulment? I would appreciate a feedback from the general public. Thank you kindly, RPG III

Anonymous said...

I am presently married and my spouse refuses to talk to me or be intimate with me. This has been going on for 4 months and has happened on many occassions in the past few years. Is this grounds for anulment?

Anonymous said...

I was married for five years, the wedding took place in a Catholic church outside the US. I am legally divorced now under the civil law, but hasnt gotten an annulment from the Catholic church. I divorced my ex spouse due to verbal and physical abuse and there is proof of that in court. Does the Catholic chuch grant an annulment under such basis? How long would it take? Thanks!!

Hannah on 11:40 AM said...

I'm not Catholic, but a friend of mine is. She received an annulment under those circumstances. I would speak to your priest.

Anonymous said...

I received an annulment and I would recommend trying it if you desire one. The possible reasons are broader than in the past, so you may have a better chance than you think. Theologically, the focus is on the moment you took the vow, but everything that happened in the marriage is a reflection of the parties' state of mind and readiness to be married. I had to write out a long essay examining everything leading up to the marriage and following it, going back to childhood. I found that difficult but ultimately very therapeutic. I gained a new, more sympathetic perspective on my own experience and efforts. They also questioned me and several "witnesses," all by telephone. There were no children and the relatively simple process in my case took about 4 months. At the end, it brought me some spiritual closure and peace. The priest leading the process seemed kind, not adversarial. I'm sure it partly depends on who you happen to get.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous in reply #6...

was your ex spouse involved in the process?

mine would view it as another opportunity to control and harass me, and would never, ever sign off on anything or help the process in any way. The chance of coming in contact with him again and waking the beast, so to speak, has me completely terrified. Right now he doesn't even know where I'm living or who I'm dating, and that helps me sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

My wife of 23 years has kept a journal to record times we argued (a sure path to marital destruction and lack of forgiveness). She "checked out" of our marriage about 5 years ago, and has become increasingly verbally abusive, especially in the last 2 years. Her journal was a path to personal pain and she relived various arguments as a method of self-righteousness. I believe her persona became an "as-if" Christian, living the motions but not knowing Him. She now insists on a divorce that I, despite the abusiveness, do not wish to accept on Christian principles, but law states that she will get her way. Will the Catholic church grant an annulment to a divorce that the state of Florida forces me into?

Hannah on 9:21 PM said...

Anonymous 8 - You may wish to speak with your Priest about that.

Anonymous said...

I m hindu and got divorced as per hindu law in court on the grounds of spouse being absuive and the marriage was forced on me by my parents.the in-laws were abusive i intending to marry a catholic .. is it possible as per canon law?

Anonymous said...

where is the explanation of emotional abuse?

Hannah on 10:48 PM said...

In the article or do you need one? Just Clarifying.

Anonymous said...

My ex spouse of 23 years always cheated on me. Are these grounds for an annulmemt?

Anonymous said...

I am a child of divorced catholic parents. My parents were married in a catholic mass and myself, brother and sister were all baptised and received first communion in the catholic church. Both parents were raised catholic and attended catholic schools and college. My parents marriage was anulled by the catholic church in the late 80's. There was no abuse of any kind by either parent, both have had sustained employment and no alcohol or substance abuse. Can someone explain to me how this is accepted in the catholic church? As I understand it, anullment of a catholic marriage is only allowed/accepted under dire circumstances which my family has not experienced.

Anonymous said...

never mind this process scares me to death. Just really miss communion.

Anonymous said...

My exhusband and I were together for 23 years, got married and got a divorce 1 1/2 years later, because of many reasons, he will not speak to me,and is still very angery after 10 years have gone by, drugs and alcahol is part of it with him, how can I get a annulmemt if he will not agree, he is remarried now. He

Anonymous said...

My husband told me that he would get an annulment from the Church because I had steralization in 1973 within my first marriage of 20 years. This was before our marriage in 1990 and he knew this before we married . He states that the Catholic Church claims that this is a mortal sin. Is this so and is it a legitamate reason for him to be able to receive an annulment? We have been married 20 years, he intends to divorce me. We are both Catholic.

Anonymous said...

When I married, my former husband verbally agreed to the Church that he would baptize any children that we had during the course of our marriage. He never had any intention of doing so and 4 years later when our son was born he refused to have him baptized. Also, his reason for marrying in the Church was because it was what I wanted and not something that he truly even cared about. Are these valid grounds for an annulment?

Anonymous said...

My husband committed adultery and destroyed our marriage. Then he instigated the process of annullment in case he wanted to get married again in the catholic church. I found this action stomach churning and did not take part in it at any stage. He got the annullment with the church only ever having talked to him and not me .I was dumbfounded at this and it has ruined my faith in the catholic church it is a farce!!

Anonymous said...

My heart aches as I read all these postings. I began the process of annulment last June. Just this week one of the canonical judges wrote a letter stating she does not see grounds for an annulment. Along with the letter she is asking me to address 37 more questions but each question contains about 5-6 questions. I had already submitted 40 pages of answers to questions regarding the marriage. Now I am treatment for breast cancer and do not have the energy to answer each question or even to begin to answer them. My only option is to suspend the annulment and perhaps in some years be able to tackle it once again. My advocate feels terrible. I am angry with the canonical judge who writes in her letter that she will make the decision. Who makes these judges GOD? Please keep me in your prayers that I can find healing and peace.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17, I was just reading the Canon law for annulment (which means I am quite emotionally distressed as are the authors or every post) and read the one that says,"Willful exclusion of marital fidelity." If your ex-husband admitted to not entering the marriage with the intent of being faithful, then the marriage was considered null. (It doesn't matter which party is guilty) That would be a reason why you were not included in the dialogue. However, sin is still sin. The tribunal's role is not to assign guilt, but merely to determine if a marriage is null or valid. An annulment does not mean ratification or justification. I truly hope this answer helps.... All of you, you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

What are the options available for someone seeking annulment in a catholic church tribunal, who believes that his case is being delayed unduly? Must cases last so long before judgement? What are the stages of the tribunal? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts. I had been researching about annulment lately and has found a lot of ideas here. I am married for just barely 3 months and that i had already experienced verbal abuse. I am crying everynight so i think i cant stay any longer in this. I want to be happy again and have piece of mind

Anonymous said...

Does anyone happen to know of a child of a divorced marriage is welcomed back to the church? Or is even allowed to be married in the church?
My parents had a divorce when I was younger and I've tried taking my confirmation but I was told I couldnt because of my parents divorce. And also heard that because I'm seen as a "bastard" child through the eyes of the church I will not be allowed to be married in the church ever. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 24
That is absolutely not true! Who told you that? It was bad information. I am a child of divorced parents who were catholic. I was baptized in the church, but received no other sacraments. As an adult I had a strong calling to return home so to speak. I to the RCIA class and was received fully into the church. I have been a practicing catholic for over a year now. Talk to your local priest/parish. If that does not work go to your bishop in your local diocese.

Anonymous said...

I am currently going through RCIA. I am divorced and wondering if I will need to have my marriage annulled in the church before I am able to marry again. Neither my ex-husband or I were catholic at the time of our marriage or divorce.

Anonymous said...

I was married in a Catholic ceremony to a non-practicing Catholic. After 24 years I left my spouse because of his alcohol abuse. We have been divorced for 12 years now. Three years ago, I met a wonderful man who goes to a Catholic church fairly regularly. I really have no religious affliation, but he wants to get married in the Catholic church. After some deep soul searching & discussion w/my grown children, I've decided to go thru the process of an annullment. I love this man dearly & will be devastated if the Church denies my request for an annullment since I know he has his heart set on a Catholic ceremony. I really have no preference which church we get married in as long as we have a religious ceremony. I'm really not "thrilled" about someone being able to make the decision whether or not we will be allowed to be married in any church of our choice, in this case the Catholic Church. I understand that the churches have to have doctrines to follow, but after all, just like court judges-the canonical judges are humans & can make serious decisions that affect other lifes based on a form and/or one meeting??? I feel for #20 & only hope & pray that whoever receives my annullment form approves my annullment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course that is not true at all. You didn't do anything wrong.

Daniel P. Eberhardy said...

If I remember correctly what I have learned, annulment declares, not that there was no marriage at all, but that the marriage, if any, was not the sacrament of matrimony.

Daniel P. Eberhardy said...

I agree all the way with Anonymous 25's response to Anonymous 24. If church officials labeled him a "bastard" and denied him confirmation and any possible Catholic marriage because of the parents' divorce, that may be grounds for a charge of heresy, and should be grounds for ousting the guilty church officials if they don't stop their tyrannous rulings.

Anonymous said...

I was married for 20 years and just went through a divorce 2 years ago, started the annulment process and was rejected. I have been a devout Catholic my entire life and this has truly shaken my faith in the Catholic church. I am going to try one more time and if it's rejected again, I'm going to take that as a sign that it's not meant to be. In my opinion, the grounds set forth by the church are kind of a joke. It has been stressed to me that some sort of condition needed to have taken place BEFORE the marriage. Well, in my opinion, if I would have known that my ex husband was going to cheat on me several times, I wouldn't have gotten married in the first place. Yet, adultery isn't a grounds for an annulment but is a grounds for divorce in the Bible. I'm just very puzzled and put out by this whole process!

Anonymous said...

The Church never labels anyone a "bastard"; The Church is here to help bring people to Christ and is not concerned with anyone's legal status. A person's legitimacy or illegitimacy is a legal matter and not of concern to the Church. There are even some saints that have been born "bastards."

Anonymous said...

My education has been Catholic from k-12 and I graduated from a Jesuit University. I was taught there are three acceptable reasons for the church to grant an annulment:
1. one of the parties was forced into the marriage
2. one of the parties kept a previous marriage a secret including widowhood
3. the marriage was never consumated

Can a person who marries over 45 years of age to another person in that age category get an annulment because one of the parties refuses to have a child?

Anonymous said...

I have been with my husband for 5 years and married for almost 2. After we got married our relationship dynamic changed as he became violent with me. I have tolerated it and forgiven time and time again over the last 2 years. but it has gotten to a point that i do not feel safe. I am scared of him hurting me or my family. He has shot at me in the past and next time he may hit his target. I have only stayed because i entered into a sacrament with him and try my best to follow teachings of the church. Would an annulment ever be granted on these grounds? I am not saying I want to remarry right now. But i would like to be able to marry again if i am fortunate enough in the future to find a man who will be good to me and my children and live a Christ centered life.Im only 29,and want to know what possibly divorcing would mean for my future and what chance i have at an annulment

Anonymous said...

I need help, I dont want to leave my husband, I love him, however everytime i am home i have anxiety attacks, feel sick, feel empty, and feel like i am not in my home. I cry constantly, I dislike him being near me, I have been married now since july 2010, i have a 1year and 8 month old child and am pregnant again (due in June). before we married my husbad told me we would have to live wit his mother ( who from the start made it clear that her and her daughter didnt want me in her family), she constantly made it clear that what i want is not good enough. eventually my husband and I maddde a choice that if we were to marry she would ahve to live in the same area but not with us, as i couldnt be happy around her and she uses guilt to get my husband by her side al the time. I am lebonese but born in australia so culturally i am not lebonese, my husband is lebonese and born in lebanon, his mother thinks I have to be like her and should do it all culturally her way which I can not be and am not happy to be. I find it so contrary to who i am, who i want my kids to be, and contrary to what i know as being catholic. once we married thngs chaged, we had to live with her and that was that, we have been doing that and i have been getting more and more depressed, i want her away from us, i dont have a close realtionship with my husband and everything is always about her. my husband married me to do everything for her. and she is nasty to me most of the time and always says i have obligation to her. i feel so sick, scared that i have to live with this, i dont want to do the wrong things but i feel like i want to die and i know that in itself is a sin. God forgive and help me. I feel like my marrage is a lie.

Anonymous said...

I have been married for 40 years. Most of that I have been celibate. Before we married,she was very easy going. We discussed sex,children pets etc and my intended wife said she agreed to all but after we were married, said she had changed her mind and that it was a woman's perogative to change her mind. The day after our marriage she revealed her true nature: always shouting and banging doors, very demanding, control freak,very negative and always finding fault which destroyed my self confidence.

She was unable to have sex with me but seemed able to have sex with other men one of whom fathered our only child. She used to lay in our marital bed masturbating while refusing any sexual contact from me. I have tried to be patient and tender with her, but she is just not interested in me and has told me that if I want sex, to go find another woman but the Church forbids that.

She has always demanded to know exactly how much I earn and taken control of my money but refused to tell me how much she earns or share her money with me. She is very secretive about what she does with money. I am not allowed to have any money at all in my pocket. She says she is the banker and therefore, my income is hers to dispose of as she sees fit. If I disagree, she shouts and screams at me, which I find very abusive.

She is almost impossible to please, everything I do for her, she finds fault with. I am very easy going and easy to please, accepting everything form the Lord's hand but now after 40 years of marital abuse, am now resenting the wasted years.

After we had been married for 30-years,I overheard her conversation with her sister where they both agreed they had married not out of love but to escape an unhappy home life.

She has been very verbally abusive throughout our marriage and is a very negative person who is always looking for a fight with someone. Our daughter says my self confidence was undermined by her constantly pulling the strings behind all my decisions to make me appear incapable of making decisions to destroy my self confidence.

Throughout our marriage, my wife buys the very best food & clothes etc for herself but all my food is at sell by date- reduced, clothes seconds, my shoes so uncomfortable and cheap.

Recently I was diagnosed with a medical condition that meant I would be a burden in old age so she asked me to leave as she was not prepared to spend her retirement looking after an invalid. Fortunately for me, it was a misdiagnosis but feel her decision to abandon me, has destroyed what we had and that was very little.

I have worked very hard to build bridges but all my wife is interested in, is how much money she can glean out of me and what I can do for her. She does absolutely nothing for me. It is as it always has been: me doing all the giving and her doing all the taking.

Do I appear to have grounds for annulment? My faith is very important to me, but must confess that 2-years after I moved out of marital home at her request, had a relationship with another woman who really loved me, does all my washing and keeps an eye on me and my disabilities. My new friend and I are now both celibate but she is in a similar situation to me where her husband has denied her sex for the past 25-years and only wants her for a housekeeper.

Anonymous said...

Read each of the canon laws listed above and any laws that are not listed above. Forget what you're last petition contained.

Find which one(s) of the laws above and grab onto them like a bulldog. Then petition on the basis of the laws.

It looks to me like he had no intent to fulfill his vows when he married you. That's being faithful.

Also consider talking to a Jesuit lawyer or Jesuit trained lawyer.

Also note you have full rights to appeal almost any decision of cannon law. I suspect you can appeal to the bishop, the Catdinal and possible even the Pope. One thing the Curch has is well written laws and appeals processes.

Anonymous said...

My parents are divorced but have still taken my confirmation

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I'm really struggling, my wife and I have been married 3 yrs. She has 2 kids from a previous relationship, she got her tubes tied cause she didn't want keep having kids with him cause he cheated on her. We got married in court then later in a backyard ceremony. The thing is it has hit me like a ton of bricks that I will never have children again. I didn't really know the gravity of my decision. Help I just reverted back to the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 24 @

I do not know with whom you have been talking. If you are talking to a priest go to a different church and never go back.

Yes, you can be confirmed, yes you can marry in the Church. Recently Pope Francis criticized priest that do not baptize children of unmarried couples.

Anonymous said...

I was married before, however; not in a church. My husband now and his previous wife were married in the Catholic Church and have two adult children. His divorce is final, and he has been dealing with an annulment for 14 months. His previous wife did not go to church, he did and still does. She did not and will not cooperate with the annulment. Her silence is causing his annulment to take longer and or be denied. I can't stand the fact that we cannot get married in the Catholic church and neither of us can take the sacrament ever again, however; she doesn't go to church in the first place. Somehow she has all of the control. Where do I go from here?

Anonymous said...

I was married for 20 years and have been divorced for almost 3 years. I started the annulment process a couple of years ago and have tried twice to get one only to be turned down both times. I am not trying to get remarried, I just wanted the anullment so I could put closure on this marriage and to be able to experience healing through my church. I am just crushed by this whole experience and won't try to pursue it any more. I really do love my faith but mentally, I just can't do it again. I will pray for everyone on here and hope that you will find the peace you need to move on from your situation.

Anonymous said...

My son is a divorced father of 3 and will soon remarry another divorced catholic of 2. They are both founded in the Catholic faith but are now facing "ex's" who are Satin incarnates. They will never be able to get annulments under the present bureaucratic process. My son knows the canons-but he also knows and loves God. Knowing what any Bishop and priest would say--the only recourse left to him and his future spouse is with God Himself who said " I am the salvation of the people. Should they cry to me in any distress, I will hear them, and I will be their Lord forever." They know what the Eucharist is and wont let any Bishop, priest or canon deny them the one thing that brings LIFE! Thus, on Easter, Christmas, at Mass, they will make a perfect confession in their hearts an tell God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit how much they love them and thank them for the love in return; and receive Communion. How do you think God will receive them at their particular Judgment? He will hold them in the palm of His hands...that how--in my opinion...Love Dad

Anonymous said...

I was married the first time in 1977 in the catholic church, then divorced 6 years later. Afterwards I married a non-Catholic and was married for 12 years. I got into drugs and alcohol and married 3 more times. Currently I am with my ex-husband(non-Catholic) for 12 years now. I am now clean and sober and want to marry in the church and he wants to join the Catholic church. Will I have to have all my previous marriages annulled before I can proceed with this? It's embarrassing and I'm so ashamed of my past that it has held me back from coming forward to the Priest in my church. Can anyone tell me what I am to expect and how long it will take.

Anonymous said...

I was married for 7 years. Divorced 20 years. We got married in a Roman Catholic Church, Afterwards His Mom told me he never received communion or confirmation. I have 2 grown children. Years ago a pastor friend of mine wanted me to get an annulment stating you were never truly recognized as being married in the Roman Catholic church-because my X never received communion or confirmation. What to do?

Anonymous said...

I recently seperated from my husband because he had been verbal, mental, emotional, and physically abusive. I had been married to him 14 yrs and when I joined the church last yr we had to get married because we werent married in the eyes of the church. He grew up Catholic and we married in a non-Catholic church. There have been times where i did not to be at the house. I was feeling somewhat depressed. For three yrs friends told me to leave especially since Ive been so unhappy. Our sex life suffered for 4 months in 2008 and again in the end of 2013, beginning of this yr and there was no sex for five months. Not only that but I was tired of him being lazy. He doesnt have a job so I had to get off my hump and go look for work. Now my problem is when I left I was suppose to go back after 2 weeks and I didnt. So when I did come back tovsee our 2 kids he wouldnt let me and he had packed up all my belingings saying i no longer live there. And when I did try calling he wouldnt pick up the phone or return my messeges when I would leave them. Even my mom would try to no avail. Now there is no phone service at the house.
But soon I'll b going to go live with my aunt. I can help out down where shes at. And look for work. I can also file for divorce with legal aid and go talk to the priest about getting an annullment. Plus I met a wonderful guy online and have talked on the phone and he feels that Im the one God wants to spend the rest our lives together. Hes also Catholic as am I since I converted last yr. Plus hes in the military and over seas right now, soon to return home.
Also with my ex he was controlling when it came to money, he listened in on my phone conversations by standing in the room and would ask who Im on the phone with. This new guy understands what Im going thru and wants to help make my hurt go away.

Anonymous said...

My wife of 34 years divorced me after deciding she didn't love me anymore. Now she brought up the 'annulment talk'. I love her and remain committed to her and in no way do I want anyone else nor will I commit adultery for the sake of sex. I came here wondering if she could file for an annulment.

Anonymous said...

I divorced my husband for the same reason. I just went through the annulment process and was turned down. Since we were both Christians. I just became Catholic thus Easter.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same boat. Yes it will have to annulled. If not you can't receive the Eucharist anymore or get married in the Catholic church. This was told to me by the Tribunal.

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